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The AI Business: The Commercial Uses of Artificial Intelligence (MIT Press Classics)

The AI Business: The Commercial Uses of Artificial Intelligence (MIT Press Classics)

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Publication Date: February 7th, 1986
MIT Press
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What is the bottom line on Artificial Intelligence? The AI Business offers a comprehensive summary of the commercial picture, present and future, for Artificial Intelligence in the computer industry, medicine, the oil industry, and electronic design. AI's brightest and best--financiers, researchers, and users--analyze current projects, speculate on trends in factory automation, compare research in Japan and the U.S., and note the pros and cons of investment opportunities. ContentsExpert Systems - Amplifying Expertise with Expert Systems, Randall Davis (MIT) - XCON: An Expert Configuration System at Digital Equipment Corporation, Arnold Kraft (DEC) - DIPMETER ADVISOR: An Expert Logo Analysis System at Schlumberger, James D. Baker (Schlumberger) - CADUCEUS: An Experimental Expert System for Medical Diagnosis, Harry E. Pople, Jr. (University of Pittsburgh) - The Low Road, the Middle Road, and the High Road, John Seely Brown (Xerox) - Work and Play. Inventing the Future, Alan Kay (Atari) - The Engineer's Apprentice, Aryeh Finegold (Daisy Systems Corporation) - The Programmer's Apprentice, Charles Rich (MIT) - Intelligent Advisory Systems, Roger Schank (Cognitive Systems, Inc. and Yale University) - Natural Language Front Ends, Larry R. Harris (Artificial Intelligence Corporation) - Robotics. Intelligent Robots: Connecting Perception to Action, Michael Brady (MIT) - Intelligent Robots: Moving toward Megassembly, Philippe Villers (Automatix, Inc.) - Intelligent Robots: Myth or Reality, Paul M. Russo (GE) - Today and Tomorrow. The Problems and the Promise, Marvin Minsky (MIT) - An Investment Opportunity? Frederick R. Adler (Adler & Company) - Financing the Future, William H. Janeway (F. Eberstadt & Co., Inc.) - From the Blocks World to the Business World, Patrick H. Winston and Karen A. Prendergast (MIT) - How to Learn More.