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Kendall Square's Underground Bookstore

The MIT Press Bookstore, founded in 1980, is one of the only retail bookstores owned and operated by a university press. Located on campus – right across from the Admissions Office – we are the bookselling arm of the MIT Press, the nonprofit publishing program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


MIT Press Bookstore, interior staircase. Photographer: Anton Grassl

Photographer Credit:  Anton Grassl

We showcase books and journals published by the MIT Press as well as a curated selection of other publishers’ books in related fields, including art and architecture, computer science, cognition, neuroscience, and linguistics.

The MIT Press Bookstore is dedicated to serving all ages and in 2021 the MIT Press launched two joint imprints with Candlewick PressMITeen and MIT Kids Press. We now offer a full children’s section dedicated to showcasing these publications and fostering a love of non-fiction and learning in our younger generations.

To search the MIT Press catalog, visit the MIT Press website.