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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for the MIT Press Bookstore are available for purchase both in store and online.  MIT Press Bookstore gift certificates may be used only in store or on the MIT Press Bookstore website.  Gift certificates do not expire.  Gift certificates may not be refilled or redeemed for cash.  If you are shipping a gift certificate, normal shipping rates apply.

The minimum dollar amount for a gift certificate purchase is $10.00; the maximum dollar amount is $200.00. 

If you are interested in a bulk (3 or more) gift certificate purchase, please contact for assistance.

Paying for an Online Order with an MIT Press Bookstore Gift Certificate

Have your gift certificate and the gift certificate number nearby as you create your order.  Forgot the number?  Contact for assistance.

Go to Checkout and, under Order Comments, include this note "Please charge Gift Certificate # (your certificate number) for (the dollar amount) on this order."

Please note: You will still need to enter a valid credit card number to complete your order.

Your order will be received and processed by the MIT Press Bookstore team.  The dollar amount will be subtracted from your gift card.