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Let's Ask Marion: What You Need to Know about the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health (California Studies in Food and Culture #74)

Let's Ask Marion: What You Need to Know about the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health (California Studies in Food and Culture #74)

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
University of California Press
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"There is no one better to ask than Marion, who is the leading guide in intelligent, unbiased, independent advice on eating, and has been for decades."––Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything

Let’s Ask Marion is a savvy and insightful question-and-answer collection that showcases the expertise of food politics powerhouse Marion Nestle in exchanges with environmental advocate Kerry Trueman. These informative essays show us how to advocate for food systems that are healthier for people and the planet, moving from the politics of personal dietary choices, to community food issues, and finally to matters that affect global food systems. Nestle has been thinking, writing, and teaching about food systems for decades, and her impact is unparalleled. Let’s Ask Marion provides an accessible survey of her opinions and conclusions for anyone curious about the individual, social, and global politics of food. 

About the Author

Marion Nestle is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, Emerita, at New York University, and the author of books about food politics, most recently Unsavory Truth. She blogs at and tweets at @marionnestle.
Kerry Trueman is an environmental advocate, writer, and consultant who has written about low-impact living, healthy eating, and sustainable agriculture for the Huffington Post, Civil Eats, AlterNet, and Grist, among others. She is cofounder of, a website offering resources to encourage upcycling, edible landscaping, permaculture, composting, seed saving, and other ecologically sound, technologically savvy strategies to address our current climate crisis.

Praise for Let's Ask Marion: What You Need to Know about the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health (California Studies in Food and Culture #74)

"Informative, pragmatic responses about what, why, and how we eat."
— Kirkus Reviews

“An easily digestible series of Q&A-format chapters, the book explores questions of what personal nutrition looks like in our complicated food world, and how both flawed policy and corporate interests can make sustainable and healthy eating challenging. . . . Nestle deftly threads many of the nutritional issues facing the country.”

— FoodPrint

"There is no one who knows more about food politics and policy and its effects on health in this country than Marion Nestle. . . . Years of research on various aspects of our systems have made her the go-to, for many of us, when we can't make sense of something that should be very straightforward but is anything but. . . . Her perspective is expansive and her opinions direct."
— KCRW/Good Food

“[Addresses] some of the most pressing issues around consumers’ diets, local and global food systems, and the environment. . . . Offers readers an accessible introduction to these complex topics. It also shows readers how they can fight for a better food system and a healthier planet.”
— Food Tank

"Klein offers a concrete and approachable doorway to a discussion and study of race in America. She tells a compelling story, devoid of jargon and not requiring specialized knowledge, while still grounded in rigorous research."
— Food, Culture & Society

"This 'little book' has big messages and is well worth reading even by those already active in food and nutrition advocacy. It achieves its goal of being accessible to diverse readers. Overall, it integrates topics that are discussed separately in Nestle’s previous books and that are often considered separately in public health and larger societal discourse but must ultimately be addressed by coordinated solutions."
— American Journal of Public Health