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Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection

Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection

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Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
The MIT Press
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An in-depth look at the urgent struggle to protect animals from harm, cruelty, injustice, extinction, and their greatest threat—us.

Beloved dogs and cats. Magnificent horses and mountain gorillas. Curious chickens. What do we actually do to protect animals from harm—and is it enough? This engaging book provides a unique and eye-opening exploration of the world of animal protection as people defend diverse animals from injustice and cruelty. From the streets of major US cities to remote farms and tropical forests, Defending Animals is a gritty and moving portrait of the real work of animal protection that takes place in communities, courtrooms, and boardrooms.

Globally recognized expert Kendra Coulter takes readers across the different landscapes of animal protection to meet people and animals of all kinds, from cruelty investigators to forensic veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and conservation leaders to animal lawyers and entrepreneurs, each working in their own ways to defend animals. Bringing unparalleled research and a distinct and nuanced analytical viewpoint, Defending Animals shows that animal protection is not only physical, intellectual, and emotional work but also a labor so rooted in empathy and care that it just might bridge the vast divide between polarized people and help create a more humane future for us all.

About the Author

Kendra Coulter is Professor in Management and Organizational Studies at Huron University College at Western University and a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

Praise for Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection

Included in Publishers Weekly's Fall 2023 Adult Announcements Science list

“In Kendra Coulter’s new book, Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection (MIT Press, 2023) she profiles an array of groups and individuals to illustrate just how difficult protecting animals, both domesticated and wild, can be…Coulter’s mix of positive stories and disturbing details of abuse makes the book an emotional roller coaster to read…More than a mere survey of problems and solutions, this book is a narrative portrait of the animal caregivers on the front lines, showcasing their often difficult task of protecting the defenseless.”

“A thoughtful, informative discussion about protecting animals from cruelty" rather than what is currently listed which sounds like faint praise . . . Defending Animals, along with the resources it cites, is an important starting point for people willing to join the fight for animal protection.”

"From rescuing dogs on the street to the protection of the rainforest, everything is covered in this compelling book."
—VEGAN magazine

"An extremely important and well-researched book."
—Psychology Today

"Animal lovers know that there's a sense of urgency in rescue these days, and Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection by Kendra Coulter is a book that takes you around the world in a look at all the efforts people are doing to protect and save animals. Readers will love that this book isn't all about dogs, cats, and household companions; it's also about wild animals, large domestic animals, and animals in zoos and farms. Learn how animal rescue needs smart people with passion. It's a real job, as well as a labor of love."
—The Bookworm Sez

“Brace yourself for an honest, open view of the front lines in global animal protection. Turning a spotlight on critters – from our loved dogs and cats, to wild animals in rehabilitation and hopefully being rescued from extinction – this is a book about the ugliness and harm done, but also about hope and the many ways that people are giving of themselves to bring about positive outcomes for so many species. Kendra Coulter has given us a close-up look at her experiences and the tasks that lie ahead. With references to people like Dr. Jane Goodall, hers is a thoughtful and personal narrative, as well. Animal lovers, those concerned about everyone’s future, anyone who appreciates the work of people on the front lines and those who might be looking for ways to help, will all get a lot from her book. Highly recommended!”
Aunties Books/Spokane, WA