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From Little's Law to Marketing Science: Essays in Honor of John D.C. Little (Mit Press)

From Little's Law to Marketing Science: Essays in Honor of John D.C. Little (Mit Press)

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Publication Date: January 15th, 2016
MIT Press
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The legacy of a pioneer in operations research and marketing science.

John D. C. Little of MIT's Sloan School of Management is famous for his contributions to operations research and marketing science. He formulated a fundamental theorem in queuing theory known as Little's Law, which is used widely in a variety of fields. His work on such topics as optimal advertising experimentation, advertising budgeting, and aggregate marketing models, and its subsequent applications, has generated entire streams of research. This volume gathers papers from prominent researchers, including many of Little's colleagues and former colleagues, that reflect this pioneering scholar's lasting influence.

The book includes a profile of Little, detailing his career accomplishments; writings on managerial models, including papers on advertising media selection, customer lifetime value, and micromarketing; discussions of decision information models, covering topics that range from customer channel choice to stochastic variance assumption; and (in a paper coauthored by Little) an examination of Little's Law today.

Makoto Abe, Rene Befurt, Andr Bonfrer, Robert Bordley, Maria Luisa Ceprini, Peter J. Danaher, Xavier Dr ze, Daria Dzyabura, Theodoros Evgeniou, Fred M. Feinberg, John R. Hauser, Kamel Jedidi, Laoucine Kerbache, Janghyuk Lee, Guilherme (Gui) Liberali, John D. C. Little, Erin MacDonald, Dina Mayzlin, Wendy W. Moe, Elisa Montaguti, Ricardo Montoya, Pamela D. Morrison, Scott A. Neslin, Oded Netzer, John H. Roberts, Linda Court Salisbury, Jiwoong Shin, Rajendra Srivastava, Olivier Toubia, Michael Trusov, Glen L. Urban, Sara Valentini, Masahiko Yamanaka

About the Author

John R. Hauser is Kirin Professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan School of Management. Glen L. Urban is David Austin Professor of Management, Emeritus, Professor of Marketing, Emeritus, Dean Emeritus, and Chairman of the MIT Center for Digital Business at MIT.