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African Water Cities

African Water Cities

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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
Nai010 Publishers
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A multipronged study of Africa's innovative approaches to communal living in the face of climate change and urbanization

This volume presents essays, stories, research and photographs showing how African cities by waterfronts deal with two of the most significant trends of our time: urbanization and a changing climate. On the African continent, the impact of climate change is now an everyday reality. Coastal and waterfront cities in particular experience loss and damage due to significant increases in sea level rise, rainfall and flooding. At the same time, Africa is the second most rapidly urbanizing continent (after Asia). The intersections between water and cities are therefore critical for understanding the future of urban and rural developments in Africa. Through deeper understanding of the innovative and resourceful way of life of informal water communities such as Makoko and coastal cities such as Abidjan, African Water Cities reveals key factors, challenges and opportunities shaping human, physical and economic dynamics.