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The Characters of Creativity: Activate creativity by understanding your colleagues

The Characters of Creativity: Activate creativity by understanding your colleagues

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Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
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Everybody can be creative. But how do you get people to release their innate creativity? The Characters of Creativity has all the answers. This book helps organisations and individuals to understand and support the creative process in the workplace. It is a practical guide designed to help managers and leaders understand how to effectively support and manage creative colleagues in a commercial organisation.

The book presents caricatures or archetypes of different types of creatives (Picky, Molotov, Solo, Artiste, Fibber, and Playful, to name a few), which help readers to identify and understand the different approaches and needs of creative individuals in the workplace.

For instance, Solo doesn't like teams.
Artiste hates having work evaluated.
Molotov is convinced it's always management's fault.
Picky loves having just one final pick at a non-existent problem.
Fibber assures you the work will be finished by Friday.
Playful turns everything into a game.
Wobbly's insecurities tempt you to become an amateur psychotherapist.

Whether you're a manager of creatives, a colleague of creatives, or simply creative yourself, chances are you recognise some of your colleagues or team members in this. If so, The Characters of Creativity is your go-to guide. The book offers specific strategies and techniques for releasing creativity.

* A practical guide to the complex world of creativity.

* Turn strategy into creativity and find out what management tools work for creatives.

* Learn how to create a professional environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.

* Grow the fertile ecology in which creativity flourishes.

About the Author

Professor Alastair Pearce has a wealth of experience working with and managing creative individuals in various organisations and industries. He has led organisations in Europe and South East Asia, including colleges training creatives: designers, artists, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, and marketers. The thread linking them all is creativity. Professor Pearce and his family live in Perthshire, Scotland, where he leads his company, Working With Creatives, an international consultancy advising organisations on how best to manage creative colleagues at work. As a writer and public speaker, Professor Pearce focuses on fostering creativity and helping organisations to create environments that support and encourage creative thinking and innovation. More information: