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Future Lab: Tomorrow's Town

Future Lab: Tomorrow's Town

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Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
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The day starts early in the future town, where kids ride to school on self-driving electric buses and buildings are made with planet-friendly materials. This is not your familiar old town. This is a town of the near future, where people move on electric sidewalks and robots deliver pizza! And at the end of the book, all this comes together at home, where a family lives surrounded by digital walls and their pet has her own robot to play with! The last spread of the book contains a simple glossary where tots and parents can read the definitions of some more advanced terms.

About the Author

Rodrigo Cordeiro is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Brazil. He is passionate by handlettering, calligraphy, good music, pets, and travelling. Rodrigo has worked on all kinds of editorial projects—specially books and magazines—and also packaging, institutional illustrations, ad campaigns, among many others.

duopress labs creates innovative books and gifts for children and adults. Recent titles include the TummyTime®, Terra Babies, SmartFlash™, Pop Out, and High-Contrast series; The Belly Sticker Book; 100 Pablo Picassos; My Fridge; and A Good Deck.