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Poopy Science: Getting to the Bottom of What Comes Out Your Bottom (Gross Science)

Poopy Science: Getting to the Bottom of What Comes Out Your Bottom (Gross Science)

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Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
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Part of the Gross Science series, here’s a book flush with facts on the number-one topic of interest to kids: going number two!

Overflowing with the science and history of poop (and pee), Poopy Science covers everything kids ever wanted to know (and more!) about their favorite subject. Both expertly researched and hilarious, this book starts with human waste, including: what’s in our poop, how our digestive system works, what poop can tell us about our health, and the history of sanitation. It then moves on to other fascinating topics, like: why some animals eat poop, potential ways poop can be used for fuel and how astronauts poop in space. Packed with silly puns, this book takes the throne as the world’s best bathroom reader!

Outrageous, kid-friendly and easy to digest, award-winning author Edward Kay’s engrossing text is a solid source of information and entertainment. The hysterical comic-style art by Mike Shiell enhances the engagement factor. This is definitely a book kids will pore through on their own! The appealing blend of science and history content gives the book plenty of cross-curriculum links in life science, particularly the human body and human organ systems, technology, health and history. A table of contents, glossary, index and further reading make this a terrific resource. This is part of the enormously popular Gross Science series of thoroughly researched books presented with loads of humor and just the right amount of ewws.

About the Author

Edward Kay is an award-winning author and screenwriter for both children and adults. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Mike Shiell is a cartoonist, animator and author/illustrator. He is the creator of the animated short films, Melon Shorts and the Wandering Melon web comics series, as well as the illustrator of the Gross Science book series (written by Edward Kay). As a longtime animation director, Mike also directed a number of children's TV shows, such as the Emmy Award-winning The Backyardigans and Mike the Knight. He lives in Georgetown, Ontario.

Praise for Poopy Science: Getting to the Bottom of What Comes Out Your Bottom (Gross Science)

A good introduction to the science of scent certain to hook reluctant scientists (and readers) with its yuck factor.—Kirkus Reviews (Praise for Stinky Science)

Fun, enlightening, and gross in all the best ways.—Kirkus Reviews

Bottom line, this book is so gross it's a must have ... 'this book belongs in every bathroom.' Make that every home, classroom and library. This one's a winner.—CM Magazine

This delightfully disgusting title exploring the science of stench is sure to hook young readers with yuck-appeal!—Canadian Children's Book News (Praise for Stinky Science)

This book would be great for a home or school library; but it is doubtful that any reading period would be silent with it in the classroom. Expect titters, sharing and commentary.—Canadian Children's Booknews

A must read for everyone. Pull up a stool and get a whiff of this book!—CanLit for LittleCanadians

A great combination of scientific information, coupled with a bit of historical epidemiology, resulting in a highly entertaining and informative introduction to germs.—School Library Journal (Praise for Germy Science)