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The Art of Rock (Tiny Folio? Series): Posters from Presley to Punk

The Art of Rock (Tiny Folio? Series): Posters from Presley to Punk

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Publication Date: March 1st, 1999
Abbeville Press
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The definitive visual history of the rock concert poster—an indispensable reference for the collector, designer, and music lovers.

   From the 1950s through today, here is the complete visual history of the rock concert poster: the funkiest bills advertising Elvis, B.B. King, and Howlin' Wolf; the multicolored psychedelic hallucinations promoting the Grateful Dead, Dylan, and the Doors; the deliciously tasteless art for the Sex Pistols, Crime, and the Clash. From the Red Dog Saloon in San Francisco, where the psychedelic scene started, to CBGB, New York's punk Mecca, and beyond. 1,500 images searched out world-wide from clubs, attics, and bedrooms—as well as more formal collections—are reproduced in their original blazing colors. 

Replete with firsthand history—including exclusive interviews with scores of insiders, poster artists, musicians, and promoters—this is the ultimate high for the rock music fan, required reading for the poster collector, a treasure trove for the graphic artist, and a riotous feast for anyone who digs pop culture.

About the Author

Paul Grushkin, a noted rock-music historian, has been collecting concert posters since 1969. His other books include The Art of Modern Rock and Rockin’ Down the Highway: The Cars and People That Made Rock Roll.