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180 Days of Reading for Sixth Grade, 2nd Edition: Practice, Assess, Diagnose (180 Days of Practice)

180 Days of Reading for Sixth Grade: Practice, Assess, Diagnose (180 Days of Practice)

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Shell Education
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Develop advanced reading skills with 180 Days of Reading, 2nd Edition, a workbook of engaging and effective daily practice activities. This easy-to-use sixth grade workbook is great for at-home learning or classroom instruction. Encourage students to read and write more confidently with these standards-based learning activities. The 2nd Edition of this activity book incorporates thematic units and a combination of fiction, nonfiction, and nontraditional texts. New full color pages provide visual interest and clearly distinguish exercises from others on the page. The new edition also reinforces the connection between reading and writing by having students write about what they read. Parents appreciate the grade-appropriate reading passages and interesting topics that children will enjoy. The daily reading practice is ideal for homeschool, to reinforce learning at school, or to prepare for middle school. Teachers rely on these workbooks to save them valuable time and address learning gaps.