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Wrong Fu: A prequel to the series "Bullshitsu and The Fight to Make Martial Arts Work"

Wrong Fu: A prequel to the series "Bullshitsu and The Fight to Make Martial Arts Work"

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Publication Date: December 31st, 2020
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This unique collection of essays, provides a prequel to Jamie Clubb's multi-volume work, 'Bullshitsu and the Fight to Make Martial Arts Work'.Turning the critical eye inwards, Jamie asks vital questions that highlights how far irrational thought has permeated the martial arts subculture. Other essays focus on logical fallacies that are often used to promote individual styles or schools, the dangers of narrow-mindedness, the many mistakes of martial arts documentaries, the cult of many so-called reality-based combat systems and finally the power of embracing one's mistakes when training in martial arts.Reviews: "This book is fantastic In just under 70 pages Jamie Clubb manages to identify and address many of the, often unnoticed, problems in martial arts today. I really admire Jamie's objectivity and deep thinking. The book is so well written too. This book will entertain and educate. It will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your martial arts too Taking the time to read this concise book is one of the best investments you can make for your marital arts and self-defence training. I love it "- Iain Abernethy."In the never ceasing brains-versus-brawn argument, it is rare to see someone comfortable in both realms. Sceptical instructor Jamie Clubb, par excellence, has the moves, tactics, knowledge, experience and skills needed for modern, urban self defense, but he has something else: A sharp and inquisitive intellect that is able to cut through the weeds and get to the substance of martial arts. A newcomer might be overwhelmed at competing training routines and stylistic differences, but Jamie's insatiable thirst for truth allows him to research and get to the core of the matter, presenting optimal methodologies free of clutter and trivial nonsense. If I were just starting out in martial arts training, I would hope to encounter such an instructor as Jamie Clubb. With Jamie guiding the way, I would have moved through a minefield of distracting theories with ease and arrived at efficiency and efficacy. I highly recommend this and other works from this brilliant mind."- Ron Goin of PUMA (USA)."Jamie is insightful on a level here too unexplored by most in the industry. He is a true martial scientist. Critically analysing, testing, and dissecting the entire field of martial arts and self defense. This book asks the question others in the industry are either too afraid or too brainwashed to ask."- Benjamin Myers, The Guerrilla Silat Project.