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Cellular IoT Ecosystems - Design Concepts (Iot Design Briefs #1)

Cellular IoT Ecosystems - Design Concepts (Iot Design Briefs #1)

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Publication Date: October 29th, 2022
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Cellular IoT technology (CIoT) is inspiring the industry to exploit new application areas for the Internet of Things, esp. for challenging requirements like wireless data transfer into buildings or under ground. On top of this, new cellular networks like NB-IoT and LTE-M are facilitating extremely low power consumption of battery-driven IoT devices with a product lifetime of 10 years and beyond.

Cellular networks are providing unlimited WAN connectivity for IoT devices - everywhere on this planet. On top of this, professionally managed networks in licensed frequency spectrum are offering unrivaled reliability for critical applications. CIoT is a x-billion-units-market and still growing. Project owners can benefit from a large number of competing component manufacturers and service providers.

3GPP cellular network standards are complex, but standard IoT products are supporting developers to convert IoT visions into reality. This book provides a CIoT introduction and outlines concepts for CIoT ecosystem designs allowing CIoT designers to benefit from ready-to-use building blocks and services. It introduces typical CIoT target application areas leveraging cellular LPWAN functional strengths like low power consumption or deep network penetration or high density. Goal is to allow designers to benefit seamlessly from CIoT capabilities and achieve excellent results and short time-to-market for new IoT projects.

This book has been written for technical-minded IoT fellows as well as for engineering professionals. It provides background information and guidance how to create a decent design concept for a tailored CIoT ecosystem. On top of this, it offers regularly revised technology and standardization updates.

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