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Rethinking Infrastructure Across the Humanities (Culture & Theory)

Rethinking Infrastructure Across the Humanities (Culture & Theory)

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Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
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Infrastructure comprises a combination of sociotechnical, political, and cultural arrangements that provide resources and services. The contributors to this volume show, in their respective fields, how infrastructures are both generative forces and the materialized products of quotidian practices that affect and guide people's lives. Organized via shared conceptual foci, this volume demonstrates infrastructuralist perspectives as an important transdisciplinary approach within the humanities.

About the Author

Aaron Pinnix is a postdoctoral researcher in American studies at Universität Konstanz in Germany. His research is on ocean-focused poetry that conjoins ecological and social justice.Axel Volmar is currently a guest professor at the Institute for Music and Media at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His research is on media history, media theory, and the praxeology of media, intersecting with the history of science, infrastructure studies, and disability studies.Fernando Esposito is assistant professor at the Department of Modern History at Universität Konstanz. His habilitation deals with the transformation of European understandings of time and history and the chronopolitics that arose from modern temporality.Nora Binder is a postdoctoral researcher in the history of the human and social sciences at Universität Konstanz. Her current project investigates the epistemology of human interrelations within applied psychology and its ties with the concept of social competence (1930-1970). In her doctoral thesis Kurt Lewin und die Psychologie des Feldes (2023) she scrutinizes early experimental social psychology and the beginnings of group dynamics.