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Fashion Myths: A Cultural Critique (Cultural and Media Studies)

Fashion Myths: A Cultural Critique (Cultural and Media Studies)

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Publication Date: September 27th, 2013
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In addition to products and services, multinational corporations sell myths, values, and immaterial goods. These "meta-goods," which include prestige, beauty, and strength, are major components of successful marketing and advertising. Fashion ads mine deeply rooted human values, ideals, and desires, channeled through social recognition, beautification, and rejuvenation. Although referencing meta-goods is obvious to some consumers, their connection to philosophical theories of human nature is less apparent, even among the marketers and advertisers who use them. This book will appeal to researchers and students of cultural studies, media studies, marketing, advertising, fashion, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and psychology, and to anyone interested in the operation of fashion.

About the Author

Roman Meinhold (Dr. phil., M.A.) is Director of the Guna Chakra Research Center, Assumption University, Bangkok. His areas of specialization include Cultural Critique, Philosophy of Art and Culture, and Applied Philosophy/Ethics.