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Design and Construction of Smart Cities: Toward Sustainable Community (Sustainable Civil Infrastructures)

Design and Construction of Smart Cities: Toward Sustainable Community (Sustainable Civil Infrastructures)

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Publication Date: January 24th, 2021
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Seismic Performance Assessment of Commonly used Structural Systems and Retrofitting Techniques Using Pushover Analysis.- Modeling of a Reinforced Concrete Column Under Cyclic Shear Loads by a Plasticity-Damage Microplane Formulation.- Comparison Between BS EN 1998-1:2004, ECP 201-2011 and ASCE/SEI 7-16 For Code Requirements of Sky-Bridges Spanning Between Towers.- Analytical Fragility Curves for Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings Retrofitted with Viscoelastic Damper.- Enhancing Progressive Collapse Resistance in Existing Buildings.- Damage Assessment and Sustainability of RC Building in New Cairo City Considering Probable Earthquake Scenarios.- Review of Seismic Provisions: is Egypt Earthquake safe?.- A Case Study of the Application of BIM in China: Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center.- Identification of Wastes in Construction Projects: Case Study of Porto Sokhna Island Project.- The Role of Geoinformatics in Renewable EnergyPotential Estimation for Smart Cities - Emphasis on Solar and Wind Energy.- Smart City Developments Using A Bim-Oriented Workflow.- States DoT Roads and Bridges Network Inspection and Maintenance Practices.- Bim And Gis Synergy For Smart Cities.- Tolerance Management, Failure, and Defects In Construction.- Application of Modified Invasive Weed Algorithm for Condition-based Budget Allocation of Water Distribution Networks.- GIS-BIM Data Integration Towards A Smart Campus.- Risk Management Methodology for Green Building Construction Projects Using Fuzzy-Based Multi-Criteria Decision-Making.- Development of Wind and Flood Vulnerability Index for Residential Buildings.- Smart Cities - Policy and Regulatory Frameworks.- Energy-Efficient Layered IoT Smart Home System.- Smart City- Role of PMC in Circular Economy.- Self - X Concrete Applications in Smart Cities.- Infrastructure Systems and Management in Smart Cities.- Hydraulic Reliability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks Using Minimum Cut Set Method.- Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation in Smart Cities.- Evolution of A Smart City From The Challenge Of Flood Disaster: Case Study of New Owerri Capital City, South East Of Nigeria.- Correlation of Non-Destructive with Mechanical Tests for Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC).- Investigating Barriers to Implement and Develop Sustainable Construction.- Potential of straw block as an eco - construction material.- The role of Energy Modelling in The Development of Sustainable Construction Regulations for Al-Madinah City Central District.- The Impacts of Climate Zone, Wall Insulation, and Window Types on Building Energy Performance.- Re-Imagining the Architecture of the City in the Autonomous Vehicles Era.- Key Challenges of Smart Railway Station.- A Smart-Left Decision Support System for Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals.- Using Computational Social Science Techniques to Identify Coordinated Cyber Threats to Smart City Networks.- LoRa Wide Area Network Pragmatic Heterogeneous IoT Applications Deployment using Different Spreading Factors.- Autonomous Vehicle Prototype for Closed-Campuses.- Model-Driven Decision Support System for Broadband Penetration in Nigeria: Smart City Challenge.- Perturbation-Based Analysis of Thin-Walled Steel Tubes Buckling Under Compression: Numerical And Experimental Study.- Axial Behavior of Concrete Filled Pultrutded FRP Box.- Compressive Strength of Revibrated Concrete Using Smart Combination of Sawdust Ash From Selected Wood Species To Partially Replace Cement.- Costs and benefits data mapping of BIM laser scan integration: A Case Study in Australia.