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The Liverworts and Hornworts of Colombia and Ecuador (Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden #121)

The Liverworts and Hornworts of Colombia and Ecuador (Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden #121)

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Publication Date: March 26th, 2021
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This book provides keys, descriptions and illustrations for about 850 species of liverworts and hornworts, in 148 genera and 47 families, of Colombia and Ecuador. The largest genera are Lejeunea (66 spp.), Plagiochila (65), Frullania (54), Radula (33), Metzgeria (33), Cololejeunea (32), Cheilolejeunea (30), Bazzania (26), Drepanolejeunea (25), Ceratolejeunea (18), Diplasiolejeunea (18), and Syzygiella (18). Species descriptions include brief morphological characterization and discussion with emphasis on characters for identification, world range as well as distribution and habitat in Colombia and Ecuador. Classes, orders, families and genera are also described and the main features for recognition of the genera are briefly discussed. The introduction includes chapters on history of exploration, diversity and endemism, and classification. A glossary, bibliography and index to scientific names are alsoprovided.

About the Author

Robbert Gradstein is a Dutch botanist who works as an honorary researcher at the University of Göttingen, Germany, and the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle of Paris. He has been a Professor of Botany and Director of the Botanical Garden of Göttingen University until his retirement in 2009. His research interests include the systematics and biogeography of tropical plants, especially bryophytes. He has done research in many parts of tropical America and in Asia, has directed numerous PhD theses and has published about 500 scientific papers and twenty books.