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True Cases Boxed Set: Criminal Lawyers, Judges, and Shrinks on Cases That Haunt Them

True Cases Boxed Set: Criminal Lawyers, Judges, and Shrinks on Cases That Haunt Them

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Publication Date: September 15th, 2018
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In this series, Criminal Lawyers, Judges, Forensic Psychologist and Psychiatrists write about cases that still keep them up at night. There are four books in the series. Book 1, Tough Crimes, is a collection of thoughtful and insightful essays from prominent criminal lawyers. Stories include wrongful convictions, reasonable doubt, homicides, and community spirit. Book 2, Shrunk, is a collection of true cases by eminent forensic psychologists and psychiatrists facing the tough topic of mental illness in the criminal justice system. Book 3, More Tough Crimes, like its predecessor, provides readers with a window into the insightful thinking of some of the best legal minds from coast to coast. Book 4, Women in Criminal Justice is women judges and criminal lawyers telling of cases that they have found particularly challenging. Some were disquieting/perplexing or had surprising turns, many are high-profile, and many continue to have interesting social or personal effect. Unique to this book, are distinctly women's perspectives, and many chapters deal with Women's, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ issues.

About the Author

William Trudell is the Chair of the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers, a Fellow of The American College of Trial Lawyers, and recipient of The Law Society Medal. He practices at Simcoe Chambers in Toronto.