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Double Play: Drew's Story (The New American Royals #3)

Double Play: Drew's Story (The New American Royals #3)

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Publication Date: February 7th, 2018
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Drew Harrington loves baseball, drumming, and Cassie Anteros, although not necessarily in that order. After his parents died, he found comfort in all the wrong places, until Cassie discovered him passed out, facedown, in vomit. Cassie is a big-hearted, sheltered princess who Drew abandoned when he left school to get himself together. After graduation, with an Ivy League degree in hand and years of grooming behind her, she was well-poised to take over her father's Wall Street firm, but a lump in her left breast set her life on a different path. Now eight years later, he's the very sexy general manager of the Boston Blues baseball team, and she's an award-winning baker in Baltimore. When the two come face-to-face, the earth trembles, threatening to swallow them whole. She still owns a piece of his soul, and he lives forever in her heart. But will they get a second chance at love, or has time and suffering already sealed their fate?