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Permaculture: Planting the Seeds of Radical Regeneration

Permaculture: Planting the Seeds of Radical Regeneration

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Publication Date: March 5th, 2024
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Permaculture needs all of us, and all of us need permaculture.Permaculture is a way of farming, gardening, or managing land for sustainable food that emphasizes a reciprocal relationship with nature. It's also a way of living that has countless benefits for both individual and collective well-being and is an essential tool in the fight of our lives: tackling the climate crisis.Incorporating such concepts and practices as rewilding and community resilience, permaculture is an approach with core principles that center collectivism and stewardship. From these principles, we can take key lessons about how we interact with nature and with others in all areas of life.Exploring the history of permaculture, how it exists today, and combining practical prompts with personal stories, this book is written with expertise, yet is accessible and enjoyable for beginners and the experienced alike.Whether you're completely new to permaculture, or you're someone with experience who wants to reconnect and learn more about its history and principles, this book will contain valuable lessons for growth far beyond the garden.

About the Author

Maya Blackwell is a poet and author from the Southwest of England. She grew up in a woodland-based New Age community and explores the themes she absorbed there--of community and nature--throughout her work. Her writing interests include permaculture, well-being, nature connection, grief, creativity, womanhood, and the ocean. She is a prolific spoken-word performer, has been published in Helicon Magazine for the University of Bristol, and is a graduate of the University of Plymouth, with a FD Honors in Creative Art Therapies Studies.