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I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

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Publication Date: March 18th, 2020
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Perfect for quarantine reading with your children!

Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree? Ever wondered where your breakfast cereal is grown? Have you remembered to thank a bee today for the food you ate for dinner last night?

Get ready to learn everything you never knew about plants and then some! This illustrated compendium celebrates the plants you didn't even know you used, from your toothpaste to your car tires to the name of your great-great-aunt. This comprehensive overview also contains great plant projects you and your friends can try at home!

About the Author

Michael Holland is Head of Education at Chelsea Physic Garden. He is also a photographer, compost nerd, and wildlife

Philip Giordano is an Italian illustrator born in a small coastal town in Liguria, of Philippine and Swiss descent. He attended the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, the IED (European Institute of Design) and subsequently gained a Masters in Animation Techniques in Turin.

Praise for I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

Winner of the 2021 Northern Lights Book Awards STEAM Category

“This fact-filled, dazzlingly colorful compendium will teach budding naturalists plenty they never knew about the world’s leafy wonders […] This will work well as a title for browsing and classroom support. Science enthusiasts especially will want to plant themselves in this one.”
Kirkus Reviews

“An attractive, cute, fact-filled nonfiction book that belongs in every elementary and middle school library. I’m so excited to add it to my collection! With DIY projects related to plants, gorgeous color illustrations, and adorable critters on every page, this book will be a hit with budding naturalists.”
Youth Services Book Review

“I am totally crushing hard on this upcoming release and I’m so excited to share it! It is a hefty, nonfiction book that is packed with fascinating information about plants and I’ve really enjoyed the tidbits I have already learned from it. Plus, the bold and bright design is stunning and the cover is even textured (a small detail, but one that always makes my heart skip a beat). This one is also perfect for Spring!”
—Book Nerd Mommy

"This book is amazing!  It covers in-depth all sorts of plants and how we are surrounded by the things they make (edible and non-edible) all the time!  Interspersed throughout the book are also activities and projects that can be undertaken by the reader.  Incredibly detailed, the book breaks down into section different topics like pollination, living fossils, plant parts, and soooo much more!"
The Tiny Activist 

“This book is not just a children’s book, it’s for anyone who loves the world of plants.”
Poppies Red Balloons

“A celebration and exploration of all things plants, habitats, adaptations and more.”
—Dr. Jo Science

"This gorgeous and informative nonfiction science text celebrates plants and explains how, why, and where they function."
—Tons of Books and Bottles

“This book is pretty thick, but it is seriously PACKED with information…there are tons of others activities scattered between each chapter in this vibrantly illustrated beauty, too!”
—Oh, The Books We Love! 

“A one-stop-shop for everything plant-related.”
Houston Library Finds

"What nonfiction dreams are made of.”
Books Grow Minds   

“A great place to start for adults looking to make sustainable changes to help restore and prevent more damage to our home.”
Burgess Bookshelf