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Black Holes (Illuminates)

Black Holes (Illuminates)

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Publication Date: April 13th, 2022
Royal Museums Greenwich
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An expert astronomer explains the phenomenon.

Black holes. What even are they? In brief, a black hole is a region of spacetime so curved by gravity that even light cannot escape it. Peculiar objects, and notoriously difficult to understand, black holes are a fascinating fusion of the simple and the complex. Although the mathematics of their behavior is fiendishly difficult, we can explore the subject by starting with basic principles and straightforward thought experiments.

Read on to uncover what’s inside a black hole, how scientists discovered this amazing phenomenon, what to do if you find yourself falling into one, and—since no one is likely to turn up and help (you’ll find out why)—what you need to do to escape! The author dispels common myths about black holes, provides guidance on how to win several Nobel prizes, and reveals the eventual fate of the Universe (maybe).

Black Holes is part of the Illuminates series of short, accessible books that examine amazing aspects of space, brought to you by Royal Observatory Greenwich.

About the Author

Ed Bloomer is an astronomer and science communicator.