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Orbs of Illuminations: Aurora of Spirit

Orbs of Illuminations: Aurora of Spirit

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Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
Choir Press
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Orbs of Illuminations is a mind journey. It is a vehicle that is constructed to elevate the norms of human consciousness.

Orbs of Illuminations is written in the context of metamorphosis throughout a profound life journey. Iris Sankoh-Douglas has created her own universe of emotions, through the medium of poetry and storytelling. To guide you along paths of understanding, she has punctuated these with vignettes of reality, as well as make-believe and the humour of a child. These vignettes are shaddows that materialise into their full-form within the pages of the Orbs of Illuminations trilogy. Orbs of Illuminations is the sequel to the first book in the series Orb. Genesis of Hemispheres.

Orbs of Illuminations shines light upon moments within the writer's life at specific cross-roads and takes its reader along as a passenger. The poetry speaks with an ancient and haunting tone that carries important messages.