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What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living

What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living

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Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Agenda Publishing
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The ancient Greek philosopher Plotinus insisted that philosophy should be concerned with nothing less than "what matters most". This collection of philosophical conversations seeks to honour Plotinus' vision by addressing questions related to the art of living.

Much has been written about the "art of living" and it typically conjures up ideas of therapy, meditation, peace, happiness, and so on. But what about the art of living in the midst of all the spectacular messiness generated by an aggressive, anxiety-ridden, acquisitive and lustful species? The conversations that make up this book explore the questions that matter most to us as citizens of increasingly fractious societies and inhabitants of an increasingly fractured planet. They invite us to think anew about the complexities and challenges involved in living a good life in a world characterized by uncertainty and change.

About the Author

Anthony Morgan is Editor of The Philosopher, the UK's longest-running public philosophy journal, as well as host of the philosophy events series, "On Philosophy". As one of the pioneers of the UK's public philosophy scene, he is actively involved in promoting the value of philosophy beyond academia.