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Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans (The Secret Life of Beans #1)

Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans (The Secret Life of Beans #1)

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Publication Date: July 12th, 2019
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BEAN away from your family is never easy Whether you're separated due to school, work, deployment, two household families (separation/divorce), death of a loved one, far away grandparents, or even just going to bed--Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans reassures children that love knows no bounds

This quick bedtime story offers bright and whimsical illustrations that captivate toddlers and young readers alike Paired with playful rhyming and a modern tone, Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans encourages increased phonological awareness, phonetic ability, and improved memorization skills--all while having fun These are Lima Beans that EVERYONE will love

See you later, Alligator...

After a while, Crocodile...

Take care, Polar Bear...

and now...Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans

Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans is a heartwarming bedtime story that brings families closer together even if they are apart. A gentle way to lessen separation anxiety and create a loving bedtime routine. If you're a fan of Goodnight Moon or Goodnight iPad, then you'll love Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans

From the Author:

I originally created Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans for my children as a way to help them with the difficulties that come along with transitioning between two homes. They immediately wanted to share it "with other kids who might need to be reminded that love is always in our hearts". We have read this story together a million times and we're so happy to share it with you and your families. The theme is love and it never matter where you are...or what you do. We hope that our book warms your heart as much as it does ours

**Sweet Dreams, Lima Beans is the first book in The Secret Life of Beans Series**