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Make: Tech DIY: Easy Electronics Projects for Parents and Kids

Make: Tech DIY: Easy Electronics Projects for Parents and Kids

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Publication Date: October 18th, 2016
Make Community, LLC
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Make: Tech DIY introduces younger children to the magic of electronics through the softer side of circuits Young explorers will learn about electronics through sewing and craft projects aimed at maker parents and their children, elementary school teachers, and kids' activity leaders. Each project introduces new skills and new components in a progressive series of projects that take learners from the very basics to understanding how to use components such as sensors, transistors, and timers. The book is breezy, highly illustrated, and fun for everyone.

About the Author

Ji Sun Lee is a professor in the department of Visual Media Design at Sookmyung Women's University in Korea. She has presented her works at Bay Area Maker Faire 2015 in California and staged a solo show at MediaNoche gallery in New York. This book grew out of her desire to share her love of technology with her young daughter.Jaymes Dec is a middle school technology teacher at The Marymount School of New York, an all-girls independent school. He was also the Program Manager of a National Science Foundation program for students and was named a "Teacher of the Future" by the National Association of Independent Schools. He co-founded The NYC Makery, a public makerspace for children and communities.