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The Review: How and What for

The Review: How and What for

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Publication Date: March 28th, 2023
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This edition of The ReView tries to communicate the pedagogical project and some of the lines of research of the Tulane School of Architecture (TuSA) through the work, mostly visual, of its students and professors. As in any educational project, the essential questions are "what for?" and "how?".

The ReView: How and what for, presents the pedagogical project of the TuSA through the work, mostly visual, of both students and faculty over the past few years. The book is organized into two main blocks, "how" and "what for". On the one hand, "how" exposes the sequence of studies and theoretical courses with exceptional pedagogical methodologies. On the other hand, "what for" shows the connection of the TuSA's academic work with the social, economic, and environmental reality we face today.

The conceptual link that connects the "How?" and the "What for?" is the idea of innovation. In a time of global crisis, the Architecture - and educational systems - needs to be revised. This revision of academic programs is crucial to educate new architects to address social and environmental challenges from an innovative perspective.