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Geometry: Understanding Shapes and Sizes (Inside Mathematics)

Geometry: Understanding Shapes and Sizes (Inside Mathematics)

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Publication Date: November 12th, 2019
Shelter Harbor Press
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Geometry does not have to be confusing Inside Mathematics: Geometry helps make sense of all of those lines and angles by showing its fascinating origins and how that knowledge is applied in everyday life.

Written to engage and enthuse young minds, this accessible overview introduces readers to the amazing people who figured out how shapes work and how they can be used to build spaces and study places we cannot go, like the beginning of the Universe. Filled with enlightening illustrations and images, Geometry is arranged chronologically, from Euclid's revolution to the Poincar conjecture, to clearly show how ideas in mathematics evolved from the Ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC to the present day. What began as scratched circles and squares in the dirt has evolved into a branch of mathematics used to create realistic landscapes in video games, build mile-high skyscrapers, and manufacture robots so tiny they can swim in your bloodstream.

About the Author

Dr. Mike Goldsmith is a science writer and former head of the U.K.'s National Physical Laboratory, where he specialized in astronomy and the science of sound. In his many nonfiction books for children, Mike engages with a wide range of topics, including mathematics, space exploration, time travel and the history of science. Mike received a PhD in astrophysics from Keele University in the U.K. He lives in Twickenham, London. Tom Jackson, series editor, is a science and technology writer based in the United Kingdom. Tom specializes in recasting these subjects into lively historical narratives by uncovering lively stories that help to create new ways to enjoy the sciences. He studied at the University of Bristol and still lives in the city with his wife and three children.