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The Manga Guide to Physics

The Manga Guide to Physics

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Publication Date: May 1st, 2009
No Starch Press
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Megumi is an all-star athlete, but she's a failure when it comes to physics class. And she can't concentrate on her tennis matches when she's worried about the questions she missed on the big test! Luckily for her, she befriends Ryota, a patient physics geek who uses real-world examples to help her understand classical mechanics—and improve her tennis game in the process!

In The Manga Guide to Physics, you'll follow alongside Megumi as she learns about the physics of everyday objects like roller skates, slingshots, braking cars, and tennis serves. In no time, you'll master tough concepts like momentum and impulse, parabolic motion, and the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.

You'll also learn how to:
–Apply Newton's three laws of motion to real-life problems
–Determine how objects will move after a collision
–Draw vector diagrams and simplify complex problems using trigonometry
–Calculate how an object's kinetic energy changes as its potential energy increases

If you're mystified by the basics of physics or you just need a refresher, The Manga Guide to Physics will get you up to speed in a lively, quirky, and practical way.

About the Author

Hideo Nitta, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Physics at Tokyo Gakugei University. He has had many papers and books published by Japanese and overseas publishers on subjects including quantum dynamics and radiation physics. He also has a strong interest in physics education. He is a member of the International Commission on Physics Education (ICPE), which is a commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

Praise for The Manga Guide to Physics

"I found the cartoon approach of this book so compelling and its story so endearing that I recommend that every teacher of introductory physics, in both high school and college, consider using it."
—American Journal of Physics

"This is a perfect introduction to four key physics concepts–law of action and reaction, force and motion, momentum, and energy–especially for fans of anime and manga."
<—School Library Journal

"Overall, we found the books absolutely amazing for teaching complex ideas and theories to people of nearly any age."
<—Physics Today