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Mexico in Revolution, 1912-1920 (Reacting to the Past(tm))

Mexico in Revolution, 1912-1920 (Reacting to the Past(tm))

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Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
University of North Carolina Press
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The year is 1921, and Francisco Madero is president of Mexico. Just last year he and his top general ousted the long-standing president (some say dictator), Porfirio Diaz, who is now in exile. But the country is far from stable. A basic cultural rift between the elite and the poor portends unrest and a sequence of revolts. Students are assigned to play characters that are charged with stabilizing their country and preventing further civil war. The goal is to reform Mexico and make it a better nation for all of its inhabitants--but Mexicans and foreigners worry that without a firm hand, Mexico's governance might spiral out of control. At what cost will progress come?

About the Author

Jonathan Truitt is professor of Latin American history at Central Michigan University. Stephany Slaughter is professor of languages at Alma College.