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Digital Poetics: An Open Theory of Design-Research in Architecture (Design Research in Architecture)

Digital Poetics: An Open Theory of Design-Research in Architecture (Design Research in Architecture)

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Publication Date: December 28th, 2013
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Digital Poetics celebrates the architectural design exuberance made possible by new digital modelling techniques and fabrication technologies. By presenting an unconventional and original 'humanistic' theory of CAD (computer-aided design), the author suggests that beyond the generation of innovative engineering forms, digital design has the potential to affect the wider complex cultural landscape of today in profound ways. The book is organised around a synthetic and hybrid research methodology: a contemporary, propositional and theoretical discursive investigation and a design-led empirical research. Both methods inform a critical construct that deals with the nature, forms, and laws of digitality within a contemporary architectural discourse that affects practice and academia. The chapters spiral at, from, towards, around, outside-inwards and back inside-out digitality, its cognitive phenomena, spatial properties and intrinsic capabilities to achieve, or at least, approach Digital Poetics. The book presents speculative and small-scale constructed projects that pioneer techniques and experiments with common 3D and 4D software packages, whereby the focus lies not on the drawing processes and mechanics, but on the agency and impact the image (its reading, experience, interpretation) achieves on the reader and observer. The book also features a preface by Fr d ric Migayrou, a philosopher and curator, and one of the most influential cultural engineers of the contemporary international architectural scene. The book is linked to a website, which contains a larger selection of images of some featured projects.

About the Author

Dr Marjan Colletti is a practising architect, educator, researcher and author on digital architecture. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK and University Professor at the University of Innsbruck, Germany, where he co-directs (with Prof. Patrik Schumacher) the Institute for Experimental Architecture.Hochbau. He is the co-founder of the London-based architecture studio marcosandmarjan.