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The Essential Book of Numerology: How to Use the Power of Numbers (Elements)

The Essential Book of Numerology: How to Use the Power of Numbers (Elements)

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Publication Date: February 6th, 2024
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Unlock the mystical power of numbers in this introductory guide to numerology, beautifully presented in a hardback, gold-embossed edition with full-color illustrations.

The mystical significance of numbers has been studied since ancient times, from Pythagoras's mathematics to Babylonian divination. Renowned life coach and psychic healer Sahar Huneidi-Palmer traces the history of this intriguing subject and how to harness the power of numbers your everyday life. Discover your life-path number, your name numerology, and other significant numbers, and let their numerological energy guide your important decisions. Enjoy a deeper look into how your life has been affected by the numbers around you - including your relationships, career and talents - and employ the blessings of numbers in everything from the house you live in to the car you drive.

- The Vibrations of Numbers
- Numerological Interpretations
- Life-Path Cycle and the Meaning of Numbers
- Numerology Readings

Featuring full-color photographs and diagrams throughout, this invaluable book will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this timeless tool for self-discovery.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Elements is a series of spiritual development titles, each focusing on different aspects of healing and divination. Written by a variety of experts, these beautifully illustrated hardbacks are the perfect entryway into ancient spiritual practices.

About the Author

Sahar Huneidi-Palmer is a Life Coach Columnist, Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Life Mentor who has been named three times as "One of The Best 100 Psychics in The World", and "Mayfair's Best Kept Secret". She has helped thousands of clients globally to identify what the key block is in their life, how to get unstuck and become the driver of their own destiny. She has made many media appearances on the likes of BBC 2, LBC, CNN radio, Al Sharq Business with Bloomberg, and in various publications including Woman's Own and London's Evening Standard. Her mentoring process is called 'Unbox The Real You' and is based on her unique methodology called 'The Four Dimensions of Change', which helps you heal and align your soul's creative being with your life's purpose. Instagram: @saharpalmer Website: