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Primal Animals: A Novel

Primal Animals: A Novel

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Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
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“Like a queer version of The Wicker Man, Julia Lynn Rubin's Primal Animals is a wonderfully-creepy mystery set under sunshine and fresh air, where nothing is what it seems and no one is what you expect. Keep your eyes open, watch your back, and beware of the flies.” —Emma Berquist, author of Missing, Presumed Dead

The Female of the Species meets Midsommar for fans of Yellowjackets
At an elite summer program,
a teen girl gets sucked into a secret society, with deadly consequences.

Protect the girls.

Arlee Gold has always lived in the shadow of her successful mom; even after everything Arlee’s been through, her mother still expects nothing but the best. In an effort to get her daughter back on track after a less-than-stellar few school years, she’s enrolled Arlee as a legacy at Camp Rockaway, an elite college prep summer camp deep in the North Carolina wilderness. On her own for the first time and buzzing with anxiety, Arlee is intimidated by the camp’s shiny exterior, suffocated by the relentless, thick summer heat…and tormented by the ceaseless stream of crawling, slimy, flapping bugs that seem to come straight from her nightmares.

In the midst of her brewing dread, Arlee is relieved to find a queer sanctuary in her bunkmates, and is especially drawn to Winnie, the enigmatic girl who sleeps in the bunk above her. Except Arlee starts to notice whispers in her wake, and how so many others recoil from her as if she were as creepy as the insects that terrify her. Struggling in her prep classes and feeling increasingly paranoid, Arlee can no longer suppress her panicked glitches.” Winnie, too, seems to become wary, and Arlee’s worst fear is confirmed: even here, in the place her mother promised was “going to change everything,” she’s been found out as a freak.

Just as she’s facing a summer completely alone, another rising junior slips her a mysterious invitation, and Arlee finds herself caught up in a secret society that expects its sisterhood to protect each other from any and all who would harm them—by any means necessary. Here, finally, Arlee feels like a part of something bigger, something that matters. Guided by their cunning leader, Lisha, a rising senior with a smile sharp enough to cut bone, the sisterhood will stand against any threat, unquestioningly. But when Winnie is put in grave danger, Arlee is forced to confront just how far her sisters will go, and whether they truly protect the girls.

About the Author

JULIA LYNN RUBIN received her MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults from The New School in 2017. A lover of film, psychology, and literature, Julia has been writing creatively since first grade, and her short stories have appeared in publications such as the North American Review. She currently lives in Brooklyn, where she is currently freelancing while working on her next book. Julia is the author of Burro Hills and Trouble Girls.

Praise for Primal Animals: A Novel

Buzzfeed, "New LGBTQIA+ YA Novels You Need This Spring"

Primal Animals is a relentless thrill ride, offering a summer camp with danger at every turn, staggering twists, and a deeply human heroine.” —Courtney Gould, author of The Dead and the Dark

“Bold, fresh, remorseless, Primal Animals will sink its teeth into your throat on the first page and hang tight until the devastating finish.” —Hannah Capin, author of Golden Boys Beware

“Like a queer version of the Wicker Man, a wonderfully-creepy mystery set under sunshine and fresh air, where nothing is what it seems and no one is what you expect. Keep your eyes open, watch your back, and beware of the flies.” —Emma Berquist, author of Missing, Presumed Dead

“A spine-tingling descent into the darkness of the mind, Primal Animals is terrifying and beautiful in all the best ways.” —Sophie Gonzales, author of Only Mostly Devastated and Perfect on Paper

“Raw and unnerving, Primal Animals gets under your skin and doesn’t let you go until the very last page.” —Laurie Devore, author of How to Break a Boy and A Better Bad Idea

"Rubin shatters the heteronormative boundaries of the horror genre and creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere of taboos without room for any bigoted notions about race, gender, class, or sexuality." - INTO

"Not for the faint of heart, Rubin crafts a tense horror story where the deepest terror lies in the truths it reveals about whose lives hold value and how far those with power will go to protect themselves." —Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

“Wonderfully creepy…. A consistently unsettling, atmospheric read.” —Publishers Weekly

“Low-level suspense gives way to clear horror…. [A] chilling revelation…proves sufficiently terrifying.” —Kirkus

“A disturbing psychological horror for readers who like to savor a gripping yet slow-burning, sinister story, and who don’t shy away from the gruesome.” - School Library Journal