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The Sacred and Modernity in Urban Spain: Beyond the Secular City (Hispanic Urban Studies)

The Sacred and Modernity in Urban Spain: Beyond the Secular City (Hispanic Urban Studies)

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Publication Date: January 1st, 2015
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INTRODUCTIONAntonio Cordoba and Daniel Garc a-Donoso

CHAPTER 1. The Sacred in Madrid's Soundscape: Towards an Aural Hygiene, 1856-1907Samuel Llano

CHAPTER 2. Sacred, Sublime, and Supernatural: Religion and the Spanish Capital in Nineteenth-Century Fantastic NarrativesWan Sonya Tang

CHAPTER 3. The Modern Usurer Consecrates the City: Circulation and Displacements in the Torquemada SeriesSara Mu oz-Muriana

CHAPTER 4. Spirituality and Publicity in Barcelona, 1929: Performing Citizenship between Tradition and Avant-GardeAlberto Medina

CHAPTER 5. The Places of the Subject: Abjection and the Transcendent City in Nada and La pla a del DiamantSarah Thomas
CHAPTER 6. Living Off the Exception: Biopolitical Modernity and Sacratio in Francoist SpainWilliam Viestenz

CHAPTER 7. Urban Avatars of "El Maligno" Sacredness in lex de la Iglesia's El d a de la bestia and Manuel Mart n Cuenca's Can balAntonio Cordoba

CHAPTER 8. Searching the Soul of the City in Rafael Chirbes's CrematorioDaniel Garc a-Donoso

CHAPTER 9. A New Heaven for a New Earth: Religion in the Contemporary Spanish NovelNathan Richardson

CHAPTER 10. Media Landscapes of a Well-Dressed Multitude: The City and the Individual in Velvet and El tiempo entre costurasEsteve Sanz and Tatiana Alekseeva

AFTERWORD. The Temple and the City: Contaminations of the Sacred in Modernista BarcelonaJoan Ramon Resinaiv>

About the Author

Antonio Cordoba is Assistant Professor at Manhattan College, USA. His research focuses on the interaction between modernity, wonder, and the sacred in Latin American culture.Daniel García-Donoso is Assistant Professor at The Catholic University of America, USA. His work explores the relationship between religion and culture in modern and contemporary Spain.