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Economic and Business Forecasting (Wiley and SAS Business)

Economic and Business Forecasting (Wiley and SAS Business)

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Publication Date: March 31st, 2014
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Discover the secrets to applying simple econometric techniques to improve forecasting

Equipping analysts, practitioners, and graduate students with a statistical framework to make effective decisions based on the application of simple economic and statistical methods, Economic and Business Forecasting offers a comprehensive and practical approach to quantifying and accurate forecasting of key variables. Using simple econometric techniques, author John E. Silvia focuses on a select set of major economic and financial variables, revealing how to optimally use statistical software as a template to apply to your own variables of interest.

  • Presents the economic and financial variables that offer unique insights into economic performance
  • Highlights the econometric techniques that can be used to characterize variables
  • Explores the application of SAS software, complete with simple explanations of SAS-code and output
  • Identifies key econometric issues with practical solutions to those problems

Presenting the "ten commandments" for economic and business forecasting, this book provides you with a practical forecasting framework you can use for important everyday business applications.

About the Author

JOHN E. SILVIA is a Managing Director and the Chief Economist for Wells Fargo Securities. In 2010, he was recognized for the Best Inflation Forecast, the Best Overall Forecast, and the Best Personal Consumption Expenditures Forecast by The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. AZHAR IQBAL is an Econometrician and Vice President at Wells Fargo Securities where he provides quantitative analysis to the Economics group as well as modeling and forecasting of macro and financial variables. He has spoken at the American Economic Association, Econometric Society, and other international conferences. SAM BULLARD is a Managing Director and Senior Economist at Wells Fargo Securities providing analysis and commentary on financial markets and macroeconomic developments. SARAH WATT is an Economist with Wells Fargo Securities. She covers the U.S. macro economy, including labor market trends. She also works closely with senior members of her team to produce special reports and regional economic commentary on several U.S. states. KAYLYN SWANKOSKI is an Economic Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities.