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Mathematical Puzzle Tales from Mount Olympus (AK Peters/CRC Recreational Mathematics)

Mathematical Puzzle Tales from Mount Olympus (AK Peters/CRC Recreational Mathematics)

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Publication Date: December 29th, 2022
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Mathematical Puzzle Tales from Mount Olympus uses fascinating tales from Greek Mythology as the background for introducing mathematics puzzles to the general public. A background in high school mathematics will be ample preparation for using this book, and it should appeal to anyone who enjoys puzzles and recreational mathematics.


Combines the arts and science, and emphasizes the fact that mathematics straddles both domains. Great resource for students preparing for mathematics competitions, and the trainers of such students.

About the Author

Andy Liu obtained his doctorate in mathematics as well as a professional diploma in elementary education in 1976, qualifying him officially to teach from kindergarten to graduate school. He was an academic at his alma mater for over thirty years, where he is currently a Professor Emeritus. During that period, he ran a mathematics circle for students in upper elementary or junior high schools. The members had published over fifty papers in scientific journals. Andy had served as the deputy leader of the USA team and the leader of the Canadian team in the International Mathematical Olympiad. He had chaired its Problem Committee once and was a member three other times. He had authored or co-authored eighteen books in mathematics, and had been credited as an editor or a co-editor for several others.