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The Nature Timeline Wallbook: Unfold the Story of Nature--From the Dawn of Life to the Present Day!

The Nature Timeline Wallbook: Unfold the Story of Nature--From the Dawn of Life to the Present Day!

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Publication Date: July 5th, 2017
What on Earth Publishing
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The perfect cross-curricular home-learning resource for children aged 6 - 14

Explore the story of the Natural World from the dawn of life on Earth to the present day, in this unique fold-out timeline book that brings natural history to life

The timeline begins over 4 billion years ago, includes over 1,000 illustrations and captions and is divided into sections (Sea, Land, Sky and Planet Earth), with a timeline running along the bottom. Witness the emergence of life, the reign of dinosaurs, the migration of mammals, and finally, the story of humanity from the first two-legged hominids to a world populated by more than 7 billion people today. The nearly 6-foot-long timeline allows readers to compare events across the world at any given moment in time - making this a wonderful cross-curricular, all-encompassing history tool for the whole family

Created in association with the American Museum of Natural History, the timeline also includes an easy-to-read chronicle, written in the form of 30 newspaper articles. These examine the key moments in natural history in greater detail, such as the extinction of dinosaurs and the threat of climate change. Other features include a page of letters to the editor, a 50-question quiz, and a pocket magnifier to make it easy and fun to explore all the timeline's details.

This timeline is essential for all curious minds in a world where loving learning matters more than ever before. It is perfect for 6-14 year olds, and for history lovers of any age You can enjoy this timeline many ways: unfolding it on the floor, reading it like a book or detaching it to stick it to the wall.