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How to Learn - How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension: Parents & Students Edition

How to Learn - How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension: Parents & Students Edition

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Publication Date: May 1st, 2015
Ability Press
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This is the only How-To-Book on how to learn or teach without colliding with the seven barriers to comprehension that block learning. It's a must read for all parents with kids at school, home-schooling parents, teachers and students. This book deals with the fact that we all have a native ability to learn: young children do it naturally. Thus the question becomes: what gets in its way? This interested the authors, who then set out to learn the reasons why there is so much academic failure in our schools. They discovered that there are Seven Barriers to Comprehension that block understanding and learning - and worse, it is our parents, teachers, and home-schooling educators that are unwittingly inflicting these difficulties on our children. It is not the children's fault But it's not just kids in school that are being made dumb by these errors. The National Assessment of Adult Literacy, given in 2003 by the Department of Education, revealed only 31 percent of the nation's college graduates scored at the proficient level And it is to be noted that the proficiency levels had fallen 22.5% compared to the 1992 assessment (down from 40% to 31%). This Parent's & Student's Edition of How to Learn-How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension solves with this problem. It addresses each of the Barriers to Comprehension in depth and shows not only how to prevent them from blocking student understanding and learning, but also how to undo their effect once they have occurred. In addition, some of the other critical issues it addresses are: - Study and learning are two different subjects, - Personal methods of learning, styles of learning, - Discovery Learning & Inquiry Based Learning, - Three Dimensional Learners, - Dyslexia may well be the mark of a higher level of natural ability, - Cause and Effect in Learning, - The Three Stages of Student Decline, - How to recognize when you or your student has collided with a barrier to comprehension-and being able to know which one it is and handle it. This book is chock full of exercises that can be used to ensure a real and experiential understanding of the material and principles being revealed. There is even a procedure for the Rehabilitation of Certainty on the Ability to Learn - you can use this with students who have given up due to too many failures, or for students who feel they can't learn or consider themselves stupid. We have found that it is the fact that students can learn with full comprehension, one-hundred percent of what is presented to them, and that they can demonstrate masterful application of the materials learned. This book shows how this can be achieved.

About the Author

Roger E. Boswarva, FBIM, CPT, Chairman and Founding Partner of Ability Consultants, Inc. and Management Science Associates, is a management scientist of forty years experience in corporate, executive, and champion athlete performance improvement. As a Fellow of the British Institute of Management he conducted management training and led seminars and symposia on executive and corporate performance improvement for the BIM, and the Management Center Europe, Brussels. Now retired from academia and international consulting to major corporations, he has spent the last 10 years codifying the results of fifty years of research into aspects of human performance including the ability to learn. He is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement. Virginia Koenig has spent 20 years in corporate Human Resources, specializing in employee benefits and training. She holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation from the Wharton School of Business and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, and is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement in. In 1997, she joined Mr. Boswarva in establishing Ability Consultants Inc. to specialize in ability and performance improvement for executives and organizational teams, and is currently the company president. She is the Founding President of the New York Environs Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement