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Our Blessed Rebel Queen: Essays on Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia (Contemporary Film & Media Studies)

Our Blessed Rebel Queen: Essays on Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia (Contemporary Film & Media Studies)

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Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Wayne State University Press
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Exploration of Carrie Fisher as star, author, comedian, and iconic personification of Princess Leia.

Our Blessed Rebel Queen: Essays on Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia is the first full-length exploration of Carrie Fisher's career as actress, writer, and advocate. Fisher's entangled relationship with the iconic Princess Leia is a focal point of this volume. Editors Linda Mizejewski and Tanya D. Zuk have assembled a collection that engages with the multiple interfaces between Fisher's most famous character and her other life-giving work.

The contributors offer insights into Fisher as science-fiction idol, author, feminist inspiration, and Lucasfilm commodity. Jennifer M. Fogel examines the thorny "ownership" of Fisher's image as a conflation of fan nostalgia, merchandise commodity, and eventually, feminist icon. Philipp Dominik Keidl looks at how Carrie Fisher and her iconic character are positioned within the male-centric history of Star Wars. Andrew Kemp-Wilcox researches the 2016 controversy over a virtual Princess Leia that emerged after Carrie Fisher's death. Tanya D. Zuk investigates the use of Princess Leia and Carrie images during the Women's March as memetic reconfigurations of historical propaganda to leverage political and fannish ideological positions. Linda Mizejewski explores Carrie Fisher's autobiographical writing, while Ken Feil takes a look at Fisher's playful blurring of truth and fiction in her screenplays. Kristen Anderson Wagner identifies Fisher's use of humor and anger to challenge public expectations for older actresses. Cynthia Hoffner and Sejung Park highlight Fisher's mental health advocacy, and Slade Kinnecott personalizes how Fisher's candidness and guidance about mental health were especially cherished by those who lacked a support system in their own lives.

Our Blessed Rebel Queen is distinct in its interdisciplinary approach, drawing from a variety of methodologies and theoretical frameworks. Longtime fans of Carrie Fisher and her body of work will welcome this smart and thoughtful tribute to a multimedia legend.

About the Author

Linda Mizejewski is an Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University. Her books include Pretty/ Funny: Women's Comedy and Body Politics and Hysterical!: Women in American Comedy, coedited with Victoria Sturtevant.Tanya D. Zuk is a lecturer at Georgia State University in moving image studies. Her research focuses on canonical collaborative authorship in alternative queer media.