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Split: Class Divides Uncovered (Outspoken by Pluto)

Split: Class Divides Uncovered (Outspoken by Pluto)

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Publication Date: March 20th, 2020
Pluto Press
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In 1990, John Major hailed 'the classless society'; in 1997, New Labour announced that 'we're all middle class now', yet we live in an age where food banks, pay day lenders and zero-hour contracts proliferate: it's clear that class matters. 

Foregrounding the economic nature of class, Split challenges the idea that class can be reduced to the cultural. From precarious labor to rising debt; from the housing crisis to environmental catastrophe; from an inflated prison population to the welfare state; Ben Tippet traces the class divide at the heart of all exploitation. Myth-busting meritocracy, he exposes the role that tax havens, colonialism and inheritance play in the wealth of the elite. 

Split highlights the potential for a diverse and eclectic working-class bloc to fight back in an age of austerity and uncertainty.

About the Author

Ben Tippet is an educator, activist, and writer. He is currently doing a PhD at the University of Greenwich, researching the causes of wealth inequality in the UK. He is a researcher for The Transnational Institute and has written for Novara, Strike! and Economy.

Praise for Split: Class Divides Uncovered (Outspoken by Pluto)

"More than a decade after the financial crisis, Split is a timely reminder of the most important divide that runs through the global economy, and how working people can organize to take back control of their lives. Clearly-argued, incisive and accessible, this book should be required reading for activists everywhere" - Grace Blakeley, author of 'Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialization'

"This book is essential reading for making sense of society, digging into the realities of class for young people today. It shows how deeply Britain is shaped by class, while also charting out ways people can collectively change this" - Jamie Woodcock

"Neoliberal ideology hinges on the claim that class no longer matters - but as inequalities rise to unprecedented extremes, class divisions are now more prominent than ever. Split is packed with fresh insights into how class structures our world, and what we can do to build a fairer economy" - Jason Hickel

"Split is an essential introduction to the dimensions of class division that have shaped the modern world. If you want to understand why society has become ever more polarized, and how we might go about fixing it, read this book" - Laurie Macfarlane, Economics Editor at openDemocracy and co-author of 'Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing'

"Intelligent, lucid and engaging from beginning to end, Tippet's book is a must-read for those who want to learn the root cause of pervasive inequality that defines our world" - Brett Scott