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Mrs Wordsmith The Book of Big Feelings: Hundreds of Words to Help You Express How You Feel

Mrs Wordsmith The Book of Big Feelings: Hundreds of Words to Help You Express How You Feel

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Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
DK Children
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A fun, approachable illustrated dictionary of hundreds of social and emotional words to help children express how they feel and to build empathy and positive relationships.

Feeling cheerful, grumpy, puzzled, mischievous, thirsty, or silly? Hundreds of illustrated words will help your child recognize, understand, and name how they’re feeling.

Packed with words that have been thoughtfully selected to give kids the vocabulary they need to express themselves, and also to develop empathy and resilience, encourage inclusivity, and form positive relationships.

Simple definitions, synonyms, word pairs, and fun, engaging illustrations build word understanding.

Designed to be prominently displayed to spark conversations about big feelings and thought-provoking subjects together.

How are you feeling today?

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About the Author

Mrs Wordsmith is the world’s silliest learning company. They combine proven learning science with Hollywood-quality animation and state-of-the-art game design to create books, card games, worksheets, and video games that improve the literacy outcomes of kids aged 4–11. Guided by the conviction that educational resources should be every bit as exciting and hilarious as the movies kids watch and the games kids play, Mrs Wordsmith’s products provide a premium, modern learning experience that is more motivating and more fun than any other.