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Yonder Mountain: Or the Life Between

Yonder Mountain: Or the Life Between

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Publication Date: March 2nd, 2019
Triple 8 Studios
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Yonder Mountain; Or, the Life Between is a pleasant blend of fact and fiction; of short stories and sketches; of boyhood memories and the elapse of time between. It is written with the tender care and wisdom of a true elder who has spent his life in love of creation and Creator, and has been skillfully interlaced with the simple timeless truthes of the Native American people and their beautiful way of life.

It is a book of small things . . . genuine things, like friendly forest critters, campfires, and a rustic mountainside cabin where stories of yesteryear live-on and the haunting shrills of a loon can be heard penetrating deep into the night air from a woodland lake below.

And lastly, it is a book of short meaningful poems and watercolor vignettes that, at first glance, could appear to be the paintings of a little child, yet somehow still possess that rare, seasoned, almost mystical power to suck you into that cozy little place where we have ALL longed to be . . . Yonder Mountain.