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Mathematical Puzzles & Curiosities (Dover Brain Games: Math Puzzles)

Mathematical Puzzles & Curiosities (Dover Brain Games: Math Puzzles)

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Publication Date: July 17th, 2013
Dover Publications
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"I highly recommend this delightful book. It contains not only excellent puzzles, but also extremely interesting commentaries and anecdotes." -- Raymond Smullyan, author of To Mock a Mockingbird
This intriguing mix of thought-provoking diversions offers articles on recreational math as well as puzzles involving logic, mathematics, and creativity. Many of these intellectual challenges first appeared in Barry R. Clarke's Daily Telegraph (UK) column, and none requires any background beyond basic algebra skills.
Classic puzzles include original takes on The Monty Hall Problem, The Unexpected Hanging, and The Sleeping Beauty Problem. Entirely new offerings include The Shakespeare Puzzles and Finger Multiplication. A selection of engaging creativity puzzles provides ideal material for group problem-solving sessions. Some of the problems feature hints, and solutions to all of them appear at the end of the book.

About the Author

Internationally renowned puzzlemaster Barry R. Clarke writes the "Mind Gym" column for The Daily Telegraph (UK) and has contributed to many other publications, including New Scientist and The Sunday Times (UK). He has served as a consultant for BBC Television's Mind Games and has written bestsellers for Sterling, Cambridge, Dover, and other publishers.