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Topology and Geometry for Physicists (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Topology and Geometry for Physicists (Dover Books on Mathematics)

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Publication Date: February 17th, 2011
Dover Publications
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Differential geometry and topology are essential tools for many theoretical physicists, particularly in the study of condensed matter physics, gravity, and particle physics. Written by physicists for physics students, this text introduces geometrical and topological methods in theoretical physics and applied mathematics. It assumes no detailed background in topology or geometry, and it emphasizes physical motivations, enabling students to apply the techniques to their physics formulas and research.
Thoroughly recommended by The Physics Bulletin, this volume's physics applications range from condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics to elementary particle theory. Its main mathematical topics include differential forms, homotopy, homology, cohomology, fiber bundles, connection and covariant derivatives, and Morse theory.

About the Author

Charles Nash is a Professor of Mathematics at the National University of Ireland. His main research interests are quantum field theory and differential topology.Siddhartha Sen is Professor Emeritus in Applied Mathematics at the University College of Dublin.