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St. Francis of Assisi (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)

St. Francis of Assisi (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)

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Publication Date: November 24th, 2008
Dover Publications
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The patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment, Francis of Assisi led the rediscovery of nature in the Christian West. This magnificent spiritual biography by the phenomenally popular G. K. Chesterton -- a convert to Catholicism -- chronicles the beloved saint's calling, his extraordinary life, and his influence in the Church. Its charm and wit will appeal to even the most secular-minded readers.
How fitting that Francesco Bernardone was born just after the Dark Ages when the world was awakening. He started out as a colorful troubadour with a fondness for French poetry, extravagant with money . . . until the sight of a beggar seeking alms opened his eyes to a world beyond himself. The scene so moved him, he vowed to God that he would devote his life to the poor and embrace a life of simplicity. This sense of humility and generosity continues to call to each of us today. With great affection, Chesterton explores the life and times of St. Francis -- his joyous devotion, his sense of compassion and love for all creation, his visions and miracles, his stigmata, and his band of followers that became the Franciscan Order. Praising this great and original man who became one of the most popular figures in Christendom, the author calls him "a poet whose whole life was a poem." Here is a stimulating read for Chesterton fans, Christian readers, and anyone looking for a burst of pure inspiration.

About the Author

The voluminous literary oeuvre of G. K. Chesterton comprises journalism, plays, poetry, biography, essays, and mysteries. A convert to Roman Catholicism, Chesterton wrote magnificent biographies of St. Francis and Thomas Aquinas, in addition to many religious polemics.