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Heretics (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)

Heretics (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)

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Publication Date: June 23rd, 2006
Dover Publications
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G. K. Chesterton, the Prince of Paradox, is at his witty best in this collection of twenty essays and articles from the turn of the twentieth century. Focusing on heretics -- those who pride themselves on their superiority to conservative views -- Chesterton appraises prominent figures who fall into that category from the literary and art worlds. Luminaries such as Rudyard Kipling, George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, and James McNeill Whistler come under the author's scrutiny, where they meet with equal measures of his characteristic wisdom and good humor.
In addition to incisive assessments of well-known individuals (Mr. Rudyard Kipling and Making the World Small and Mr. H. G. Wells and the Giants), these essays contain observations on the wider world. On Sandals and Simplicity, Science and the Savages, On Certain Modern Writers and the Institution of the Family, On Smart Novelists and the Smart Set, and Slum Novelists and the Slums reflect the main themes of Chesterton's life's work. Heretics roused the ire of some critics for censuring contemporary philosophies without providing alternatives; the author responded a few years later with a companion volume, Orthodoxy (also available from Dover Publications). Sardonic, jolly, and generous, both books are vintage Chesterton.

About the Author

Widely known as the Prince of Paradox, G. K. Chesterton was one of the most influential English writers and thinkers of the 20th century. Chesterton's prodigious talents embraced a wide range of subjects, from philosophy and religion to detective fiction and fantasy. And while his writings are light and whimsical, they are filled with direct and honest truths.