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Crime Prevention (Key Ideas in Criminology)

Crime Prevention (Key Ideas in Criminology)

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Publication Date: January 1st, 2026


Prevention curtails freedom: cancer prevention entails not smoking; accident prevention entails putting pills in childproof containers; crime prevention entails not stealing things and hitting people. Prevention is usually seen as quite unexciting. Preventive medicine is less dramatic than surgery, crime prevention than detection. However, people doing less of one thing are free to do more of another: obesity prevention makes exercise possible and crime prevention frees up time, money and energy to invest elsewhere.

This book seeks to enliven the topic of crime prevention by looking at pro-social behaviour alongside crime, to think of improving the quality of life by both deflecting people from the experience of crime - either as perpetrators, victims, or worried bystanders - and nudging them towards collaborative and altruistic behaviour; by changing things, places and people in ways which push people from crime and pull them towards active citizenship. Research and practice is reviewed taking this wider view of crime prevention.

About the Author

Ken Pease is Professor of Criminology at Loughborough University. He is internationally renowned for his work in various areas of crime prevention and criminal justice, and has published articles in over 250 journals and studies. His publications include 'Crime Reduction and Community Safety' in Handbook of Policing, 2nd edition ed. Tim Newburn (Willan, 2008), 'Community Policing and Prediction' in Knowledge Based Policing ed. T. Williamson (Wiley, 2007), and 'Victims and Victimization' in the International Handbook of Penology and Criminal Justice eds. S. Shoham, O. Beck and M. Kent (Routledge, 2007).