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Fire Under My Feet: History, Race, and Agency in African Diaspora Dance (Routledge Equity)

Fire Under My Feet: History, Race, and Agency in African Diaspora Dance (Routledge Equity)

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Publication Date: September 17th, 2021
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Fire Under My Feet seeks to expose the diverse, significant, and often under-researched historical and developmental phenomena revealed by studies in the dance systems of the African Diaspora.

In the book, written documentation and diverse methodologies are buttressed by the experiences of those whose lives are built around the practice of African diaspora dance. Replete with original perspectives, this book makes a significant contribution to dance and African diaspora scholarship simultaneously. Most important, it highlights the work of researchers from Ecuador, India, Puerto Rico, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and it exposes under-researched and omitted voices of the African diaspora dance world of the aforesaid locations and Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Trinidad as well.

This study showcases a blend of scholars, dance practitioners, and interdisciplinarity, and engages the relationship between African diaspora dance and the fields of history, performance studies, critical race theory, religion, identity, and black agency.

About the Author

Ofosuwa M. Abiola is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Howard University. She is the author of History Dances: Chronicling the History of Traditional Mandinka Dance (2019) and is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Evoke: A Historical, Theoretical, and Cultural Analysis of Africana Dance and Theatre.