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Ethnic Minorities & the Media (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)

Ethnic Minorities & the Media (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2000
Open University Press
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There are few media issues more pressing, or potentially more consequential than the representation of ethnic minorities. This authoritative text therefore brings together leading international researchers who have examined some of the processes of change (and continuity) informing the field of ethnic minorities and the media. Numerous studies of race, racism and the mass media have been conducted in the past. However, both the media landscape and the cultural field of ethnic minorities are fast changing, and this book addresses the recent developments which have threatened to outpace our ability to map, understand and intervene in processes of change. Presented in an accessible style, this book provides the reader with an overview of the latest research findings and informed discussion. It opens with an introductory essay which maps recent approaches to the field, followed by substantive chapters which are structured thematically to address key processes of change such as media representations, media production, and cultures of identity.